You must read, agree and accept all of the terms and conditions below, before you can become a member of the auction here at Svenska Brevduveförbundet- auktioner. At the same time, you agree that it is your responsibility to keep you abreast with the following conditions and any changes.

1. Registration:
It is your duty to inform us of your real name, address, and all other information at the registration. We’re always entitled to exclude any user from the system if it is our opinion that the user has given false information or if the behavior of the user is incompatible with the moral level at Svenska Brevduveförbundet-auktioner.

2. Protection of personal information:
Your privacy is very important to us. We do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent. And we don’t inform about any username to anyone except for the winning names to the sellers after the auctions – unless the user has chosen to publish the name.

3. Information about the auction:
Svenska Brevduveförbundet-auktioner only provides the sale from the seller to the buyer. We do not guarantee the genuineness of the text and pictures delivered by the seller. It is the seller’s responsibility to deliver the article referring to the information listed by the auction.
If the seller can’t deliver the article as informed, the deal can be cancelled. Except for information about the gender of youngsters (pigeons under 1 year), because this is formed by an estimate from the seller. Sometimes it can be hard to determine the gender 100% and therefore can a fault in this matter not be used as a reason for cancellation. We do not take the responsibility for lost deals or do not cover any expenses if the auction is cancelled. We do not take responsibility for damage or death in transport from the seller to buyer, nor any problems after the deliverance of the purchase to the buyer. We do not take responsibility for information published by the seller at auctions where the final auction is held by the seller and is not ending online.

4. Corrections:
The information about each auction is written to the best of our ability. We will try to do our best to correct any errors as soon as we’re informed. If we correct anything at the auction, we will inform anybody at the description of the auction. If there is any corrections at an auction, any buyer can draw back the bid, if the buyer is not interested anymore.

5. Payment:
When an auction has ended, the seller and the buyer will receive an email with all information about the auction. After that, the buyer has to pay the amount owing whit in 10 days. Not until we have received the money, will the buyer receive the final receipt and evidence of the purchase. Payments must be made with credit card, bank transfer or direct payment to the seller. Checks will not be accepted.
Credit card payments will be added +2% fee
We accept PayPal payments too (+6% fee)

Kolla det om payments Jag vet inte vilka alternativ vi ska ha där så kunde inte ändra någo

6. Delivery:
It is the duty of the buyer to contact the seller after the auction – but not before the buyer has received the final receipt after the payment. Both the seller and the buyer will receive a letter of information but the final appointment is made at the request of the buyer.
It is also the duty of the buyer to fetch the pigeon purchased at the auction. The seller has no obligations, but of course, a special deal between the buyer and the seller can be made.
If the pigeon has to be transported the buyer has to pay these costs. If the pigeons need to stay in quarantine or at a transport company prior to transport, it stays there at the risk of the buyers.

7. Copyright:
This auction is owned by Svenska Brevduveförbundet-auktioner. Copying or use of any parts of the system is illegal without written permission from Svenska Brevduveförbundet-auktioner.
Any user of the auction has permission to print text and pictures from each auction for private use only.
Contact: Svenska Brevduveförbundet-auktioner, Mullvadsvägen 20, 271 39 Ystad, Sweden.