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Morel Team it’s breeding and racing team build by Bartosz & Monika Morel with daughters, Zosia and Alicja.

We race and breed pigeons in Silesia region in Poland, biggest pigeon fancier province in Poland, and probably in all Europe ( around 10 000 fanciers). In whole Poland we have registered 45 000 pigeon fanciers !

Bartosz Morel had pigeons his whole life, his father and grandfather were also pigeon fanciers, from 2011 we are fulltime pigeon fanciers, from 2011 to 2014 we invested a lot of money for the best pigeons/families from Holland/Belgium and Germany, but we focused only at OLR’s. In 2015 we started racing again in Poland, but only with youngsters and this immediately with spectacular results ! In 2015-2017 we won lot of races with impressing style !

In 2018 we changed location and we build new racing and breeding lofts. And we started again, but this time we planned to race ybs and old birds every year. 2018 was not easy because the lofts weren’t ready at the beginning of the season , so we bred only 50 ybs for our own to race them, season was difficult, we only had late youngsters but they did really well. 

In 2019 we started the racing season old birds with only 28 yearlings, smallest team in our club – Zagłębie ( with around 140 fanciers) but week after week our results became better and better and we finished the season with many top awards ! Biggest succes of 2019 on the old birds races was our „Panamera” who won :

1 against 3 386 p 325 km
3 against 1 797 p 519 km
5 against 5 746 p 325 km
6 against 5 372 p Rejon 519 km
11 against 4 027 p 519 km
12 against 5 790 p 325 km
25 against 13 400 p Rejon 519 km
33 against 12 223 p Okręg 519 km
40 against 20 236 p Okręg 519 km
92 against 5 541 p 337 km
96 against 4 347 p 519 km

With these results she won:

2nd National Pre-Olympic Pigeon Sport G, Brno 2020 !
1st ace pigeon Yearling club Zagłębie !
1st yearling hen club Zagłębie !
2nd Ace Pigeon short Distance Club Zagłębie 
3rd Middle Distance Ace Pigeon Club Zagłębie !
4th Old Hen Club Zagłębie !
5th Ace Pigeon OPEN Club Zagłębie

She is small blue hen, with strong back, regular muscles, well balanced, long wing/feathers, very soft feathers and closed vetbones. She flew 11 weeks in a row, making 10 prices (1/5) loose price only on 1st short race from 120 km. 

When we look at her pedigree we can see she is out of super lines of pigeons like :

– ‘Wittekop Sylvester & Willyeke’ from Bart Geerinckx,

– ‘Grizzle God’ from Ivo Renders,

– ‘Champio’n from Chris Hebberecht,

– ‘Extreem’ from Marcel Wouters,

With crossing genes from such great pigeons she must be top racer !!

But she isn’t the only pigeon that raced amazing for us ! We have several top pigeons from this bloodline in our loft who are in for amazing results. Great example is PL-0493-19-10043 – blue small hen ( her mother and mother of „Panamera” are full sisters) She flew in 2019 ybs races 6 prizes on 6 races with 27,07 coef from all 6 races, and result in category Sport F: 4,34 coef !! Which makes her Pre-Olympic Candidate Brno 2020 !!

Results PL-0493-19-10043 :

27*/ 5 018 p Namysłów
2*/ 4 579 p Milicz
35*/ 3 691 p Rawicz
25*/ 3 186 p Wrocław – Zakrzów
3*/ 2 352 p Wschowa
5*/ 1 911 p Gubin
15*/ 4 565 p Provincional Gubin!! 

These results make her :

1st Ace Pigeon Section Siewierz
1st Ace Pigeon Club Zagłębie
1st Ace Pigeon Rejon Wolbrom 
1st Ace Pigeon Prov. Śląsk Wschód !

We are sure that in the coming years this family will win for us much much more ! Including children and grandchildren from our great hen – „PANAMERA” who will back from Brno direct to our Breeding loft !!

Best Regards & Wish to every fanciers all the best !!!

Morel Team

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